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Galileo Learning

2014 - 2020

Galileo is a K-8 summer camp company whose mission is to develop innovators that envision and create a better world.

At Galileo, I created and managed project-based curriculum that's designed to foster a growth mindset, design thinking, collaboration, and more. Projects range from simple tape-and-straw structures, to pet robots, all the while prompting kids to overcome challenges and reflect on their work.

STEM Inventions Logo transparent backgro

STEM Inventions

2010 - present

STEM Inventions is an original collection of engineering-focused projects and lessons designed for K-8 students.

This curriculum was developed over the course of four years. I invented the projects, taught them in an after school setting, and then redesigned them until they worked just right. Lesson plans and other materials were developed so others could facilitate the lessons. In 2018 I revised all the curriculum and made it available here.


Instructables is a community of DIY project tutorials that are created primarily by users.

Many of the STEM Inventions projects were originally hosted on Instructables from as early as 2011. Some of my other just-for-fun project ideas can be found there as well. I still occasionally upload new content there.

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